Any Success – Whether Sporting or Academic is only possible when these three Conditions are met and occur simultaneously:

Self Belief about your abilities with a Inner Desire to Succeed and a Sense of Purpose.

Ability to Concentrate and Focus Consistently in your studies with good control over the external and internal distractions.

Manage the negative emotions and thoughts that build anxiety and pressure as well as the ability to deal with other peer, relationship pressures.

You take even One Condition out and you will see the player not performing to his potential and the student unable to get the success he deserves.

These are the THREE most Critical Skills to Success in anything, whether its
Elite Athletes or Academic Success!

Unfortunately, neither of these THREE Skills are taught to students in any schools or classes!.

Help your child learn the Peak Performance Steps
used by top elite athletes.


THE Academic Career and Life (ACL) Peak Performance
for Students Success Program.


Academic, Career and Life Peak Performance for Student Success Program

  • For students from 8th Std to Post-Graduate Studies
  • Customised and Personalised Sessions for Students
  • Only One to One Sessions
  • 4 month Program followed by Maintenance Program
  • Parent Counselling Interventions
  • Session Customisation for Out-Station Students.
  • Career Counselling and Clarity of Decision Making
  • Profiling, Personality and Brain Mapping Matrices included as part
    of the package.

Key Student Takeaways

  • Identifying and Applying Belief , Purpose and Passion in Academics
  • Concentration and Focusing Mastery
  • Emotional Management Guidebook
  • Time Management – Study Smart Strategies
  • Take Home Templates and Worksheets
  • Repeatable Techniques and Strategies throughout Academic Life
  • Career Defining and Life Changing Unique Program for students



Your child to get on the peak performance ladder.


The peak performance steps used by top elite athletes.


Time management techniques used for studying that will help the student focus more, remove distractions and become more productive.


Your child’s abilities to succeed over challenging subjects.


The mental blocks that prevent from child from performing to his potential.


Difficult topics and subjects with a different approach to help the student remove the negativity about that subject.


Practical techniques to control various distractions.


Personalised strategies that will enhance concentration and focusing skills during studies .


I am Dr Swaroop, Mental Conditioning and Peak Performance Coach. I live in Pune, India, with my wife, son and parents.
I work with some of India’s elite players in sports.
After working with hundreds of teen and adult athletes and students over 10 years, the one thing I have realised is this-

“Every child – EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM – has the Potential to be a High Performer not only in Academics but in whatever he wants to do in his life.”


Listen to a Live Conversation with a student as Dr Swaroop helps him understand how distractions come in the way of peak performance