“Every child, going to school, inherently desires to do well!They want to feel happy doing well in their studies.They want to see their parents being happy at them and in their studies.”

Dr. SWAROOP SAVANUR, Mental Conditioning and
Peak Performance Coach

Dr Swaroop Savanur

Dr. Swaroop Savanur, is a doctor turned Mental Conditioning and Peak Performance Coach, who empowers elite athletes with psychological and mental skills with peak performance strategies, to help them maximize their performance under pressure and realize their full potential, when it matters.

Influenced by the 2000’ Kargil war and the Sydney Olympics Debacle in 2001, he studied and implemented a Grass Roots Development Sports program in 2003, conducting 400 Football matches in Pune, under the name Future Vision Sports. Christened by this experience, he went to Switzerland to do a Diploma in EEG and Brain Conditioning, where he learnt and fell in love with the study of the brain.

Being a player himself in his college days and armed with his learning of Indian Sports, he naturally gravitated towards ‘harnessing the power of the brain for sporting excellence’.

Dr. Swaroop Created History

Dr. Swaroop created history by being the First Mental Performance Coach for any of the Ranji Cricket teams by being part of the Vidarbha Ranji Team from 2013-16, and the team, in it’s third year, created a record in Ranji Trophy’s 80 year history by topping the standings in all formats of the game and eventually winning the Ranji Trophy in 2017-18.

He also created history by being the first appointed Mental Coach for the All India Football Federation and is the Mental Conditioning Coach for India’s first ever participation in any FIFA World Cup event, happening in Oct’2017.

He works with a lot of India’s top 50 players – in Cricket incl players from India, IPL and Ranji, Many of India’s Top 20 players in Tennis, Badminton, Golf and many Olympic Sports as well as with Students and numerous CEO’s of companies and start up entrepreneurs.

He is most passionate about High Potential Students facing Mental Barriers and believes that Every Student is inherently good at Studies and removing their Negative Roadblocks is the key to Positive Academic Outcomes and helps students, whenever he gets a chance.